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Destination Wedding

No.1 Destination Wedding Planner brand in Taiwan. We have provide our service to numerous celebrities for their weddings in Bali, Japan, UK, France…etc.

Wedding Venues

Overseas wedding venues sometimes are very difficult to preserve. Being 8 years in Destination Wedding Business has allowed us to building strong connection with venues suppliers.

Wedding Photography

Trust Photographers Platform provides clients to choose their favorite photographers base on their portfolios which often been received ISPWP and WPPI Awards

Wedding Videography

The best wedding video and live photo can be captured by Trust photographers, the certified photographers by Trust photographer platform.

Destination Wedding Venues

Bali Wedding

  • Ayana

  • Alila Uluwatu Villa
  • Bvlgari

  • St Regis

Thailand Wedding

  • Koh Samuri Wedding

  • Phuket Wedding

  • Le Meridien Koh Samui Venues

UK Wedding

  • Edinburgh Wedding
  • Edinburgh Mansfield de Traquin Church
  • Edinburgh Melville Castle
  • Edinburgh Bridgestone Field House