The famous and beautiful Castello di Pavone is visible from the highway and from the Ivrea exit of the A5 TO-AO which is about 500 meters. And ‘one of the most beautiful Italian monuments and is considered one of the most scenic and fairytale castles in the world. Within the historical and powerful walls, the marvelous Noble Courtyard with its evocative Pozzo dei Misteri, salt and incommensurable beauty and the luxuriant garden of roses, able to accommodate up to 300 guests. The castle stands proudly on top of the village offering breathtaking panoramas. And ‘it considered for its events a lucky Castle; it is said that transmits luck, love and prosperity to all those who stay there even for a short time. Today, carefully restored by Giodice family, offers guests the best comfort, a large kitchen

*由於海外婚禮的運作,會運用到不同國籍的人力﹑服務﹑和協調工作。所以許多價格都是以不同外幣來收費。因為外幣隨時在變動,且如遇 到較大的 外匯波動﹑部份服務內容或價格異動﹑旅遊淡旺季,我們也會需要彈性來做價錢調整。有興趣的朋友請聯絡我們,我們會提供您最及時的報價/內容來 確保您的權利。



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